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Hybrid Learning Program

We are very excited to offer a Hybrid Learning Program to our school beginning May 2018!

Bluewater Institute for Massage Therapy’s Hybrid Learning Program is a blended approach to our existing prestigious massage therapy education curriculum. It is Alabama Massage Therapy State Board approved and follows our 650 hour licensed and certified program outline.

Hybrid (or blended) Learning is defined as a combination of face to face in-house learning and training , paired with at home/online instruction in which the student actively participate in extensive weekly homework assignments and in-depth learning activities. 

At BIMT, we employ a model of blended learning strictly to students who live further than 40 miles from the school, but no more than 125 miles from our school in Sheffield, AL.  Face to Face training will occur every other Saturday over a 16 month time frame.

You will still have to complete the required 100 hours of Supervised Clinic, which will consist of in-house practice massages on the public, as well as community service opportunities.

Admission into our Hybrid Learning Program is strictly at the discretion of the school director.  An entry test may be required to see if hybrid learning is best suitable for you. We feel strongly about providing leading education in our industry, and the Hybrid Learning is to help out of town students receive certification from our elite program.

Tuition is the same for hybrid learning as it is for our 9 month program.

We will accept one starting hybrid learning class every term.

Hybrid Class 1 begins May 2018!


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